Embracing the Power of Women’s Circles

Creating a safe haven for sharing and writing our stories in women’s circles.

A group of women sat in a circle indoors.

Women and men have been sitting in circles for thousands of years, sharing knowledge and connecting with each other. These circles fulfill an innate need for human connection, especially for women going through significant life changes.

There is a reason why there is a resurgence in women choosing to gather. Not only do they help us to connect with our own cyclical nature but they also encourage creative and powerful expression.

There’s no denying that the world we live in can make it difficult to tap into our creativity and spirituality. We’re bombarded with messages that prioritise productivity and efficiency over personal expression and connection.

Which is why it is so important to create circles in a safe space and set boundaries to ensure confidentiality and comfort for participants. It’s crucial to feel safe in the circle and trust the facilitator holding it.

I hold Creatrix writing circles to encourage us all to connect to our inner guidance, share our stories, and come together in community, so we can tap into a deep well of creativity and wisdom that is infinite. 

“A circle of women may just be the most powerful force known to humanity. If you have one, embrace it. If you need one, seek it. If you find one, for the love of all that is good and holy, dive in. Hold on. Love it up. Get Naked. Let them see you. Let them hold you. Let your reluctant tears fall. Let yourself rise fierce and love gentle. You will be changed. The very fabric of your being will be altered by this, if you allow it. Please, please allow it.”
– Jeanette LeBlanc

My Journey with Women’s Circles

From the moment I embarked on The Creatrix Journey, my passion for creating safe spaces for women to connect and express themselves has only grown stronger. The mission was simple but profound: to gather women and provide a supportive environment where they could explore their creativity, connect with nature, and delve into their soul’s passion through creative writing. This led me to delve into the ancient practice of women’s circles, where women would gather during specific lunar and menstrual cycles or for special events in the year. What I discovered through my own experience with over 200 women was that women’s circles provide a brilliant way to tap into the power of sisterhood, foster connection, healing, and growth.

The Essence of Women’s Circles: A Safe Haven for Sharing and Healing

Women, and men have been meeting since we began living in communities. My own circles, whether online, at day workshops, or residential retreats, have been small and intimate, ensuring a safe and sacred space where confidentiality and respect are paramount. The essence of our circles is that what happens within them stays within them. This creates an environment of trust, allowing for beautiful revelations, tears, new understandings, and the birth of creative projects. The power of vulnerability and shared experiences in this safe haven is immeasurable and transformative, often leading to profound changes in individuals’ lives. Members of the circles have pivoted careers, trained to be sound healers, reiki masters, written poetry for the first time and written books.

An illustration representing the power of women's circles.

Reclaiming Ancient Traditions 

Having studied Social Anthropology as my first degree, I became acutely aware of the absence of ceremonial and ritual practices, particularly in Western societies. Many ancient cultures used ceremonies and rituals to mark significant events in people’s lives, which were notably absent in contemporary times. The absence of spaces to honor pivotal life transitions, such as menstruation for young girls or menopause for women in mid-life, it felt like a missing piece in our societal fabric. Women’s circles have provided a means to fill this gap, allowing women to process a range of emotions and experiences, fostering collective support, celebration, and healing.

The Intersection of Age and Life Phases

Within my circles, I observed an interesting trend: while diverse age ranges were present, a significant number of participants were women in their perimenopausal years. This intrigued me, as I witnessed a common thread among women who were navigating this transformative phase of life. The shared experiences and wisdom exchanged within the circles provided a unique source of support and understanding, illustrating the profound impact these gatherings have on women undergoing similar life transitions.

Overcoming Historical Suppression

Historically, women’s circles and female healers have posed a threat to the patriarchal societal structures, leading to attempts to suppress these traditions. The suppression of women’s circles and healers could be seen through witch hunts and colonialism. The resilience of these traditions, symbolised by movements such as the Red Tent, demonstrates the enduring power of women’s circles and their ability to provide solace, empowerment, and support. It’s essential to recognise the threat women faced when creating sacred spaces and to actively work toward bringing back these traditions of community and inclusivity for all who seek them.

Spreading the Ripple of Sisterhood 

By creating a women’s circle, one has the opportunity to tap into the transformative power of sisterhood and shared experiences. As one circle inspires another, the collective force of change grows stronger, fostering a world where women feel supported, empowered, and celebrated. The resurgence of movements and circles dedicated to celebrating the divine feminine represents a shift in collective consciousness, offering an inspiring opportunity for change and empowerment.

My journey with women’s circles has been a transformative voyage of creating safe spaces that allow for courageous vulnerability, shared wisdom, and collective empowerment. As I delve deeper into this profound practice, I am continually inspired to encourage others to host their own circles, providing a vital source of support and connection for women seeking authentic and transformative experiences.

Join me in this journey, spark a circle in your community, or join the weekly Creatrix Journey writing circle – where we walk and write creatively together every Wednesday at 10am (GMT).

By combining the power of storytelling, community, and connection with the benefits of being outdoors and in nature, we can tap into a deeper well of wisdom that can transform our lives and the world around us. So, let’s embrace our “Creatrix powers” and share our unique words of wisdom with the world. If you want to join the Creatrix Journey Substack community and attend our weekly Walking and Creative Writing Circle click here.

About the Creatrix Writing Circle.

“Pure escapism and magic. Claire has created a space for your imagination and creativity to roam wild, without judgement or fear. Having a regular time in the diary to get out in the fresh air and think and float meant I gave myself permission to embrace it. It was a beautiful way to end the week, unwind, reflect, reset and create. Thank you Claire 🙏.”  Eleanor Tweddel, Penguin author of Another Door – Why Losing Your Job Could Be The Best Thing that Ever Happened To You.

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