The Creatrix Writing Circle

Hey soul sister, are you ready to unleash your powerful message with word magic?

Are you ready to reconnect with your creative passion and voice so that you can share your words with the world?

Are you ready to listen to the secret whispers of your soul that are getting louder?

Are you ready to connect to the essence of your soul to unlock your creativity and inner writer?

Join the Creatrix Circle to walk and write to ignite your creativity and write the words that need to be written. Walk through the seasons, connect with the source, nature, and the lunar cycles.

Do you want to come on a writing and walking online adventure, from wherever you live in the world? If you’re fed up with being stuck in front of a desk and want to fall back in love with writing, come and join the creatrix circle.


Join the circle to connect, write and share. Together we can raise the collective consciousness one step at a time.

This powerful circle is for soul-led, changemakers, coaches, and healers who want to make a difference in the world by tuning in with nature and their inner power and words.

If you have a signature book to write, want to journal from the heart, write powerful poetry, or blog for your business, or even channel the words for your latest new product, or course this is the circle for you.

Get ready to:

This is for you:

You will get:



Walk and write sessions three times a month. 10:00 – 11:00 am on alternate Wednesdays and Fridays

Creative audio prompts or visualisations to listen to on your walk

Feedback thread to share your writing


 A Creatrix Collective for planning, writing creating and feedback one Friday a month. 10-12pm.

Two powerful Lunar Journalling Sessions to call in what you want and let go of what no longer serves you (full moon and new moon). (Dates TBC)

Members will get a 10% discount off any retreats or workshops that I run.


Celebrations of the season and setting creative intentions.


Lifetime access to the weekly audios and worksheets.

Facebook group (or similar space) to share your stories in

Walk through the four seasons of the year to ignite your inner writer and share your soul’s passion with the world.

How it works:

You will be emailed a weekly audio and written prompt to listen to and read.

You will come back to meet on Zoom 10-11am on alternate Wednesdays and Fridays.

There will be an exclusive community to share your writing and get feedback on it.

There will be bonus monthly new moon and full moon journaling workshops

One season membership: 

To join the Creatrix Circle for the Autumn is £180 (3 months). Weekly walk & write sessions, monthly lunar journaling workshops. Amazing value for weekly walk and write sessions, monthly creative planning and feedback session. Plus bonus lunar love journaling workshops.

Join the Creatrix Circle to continue your writing journey through the seasons every Wednesday morning at 10am.*.

Two season membership: 

To join the Creatrix Circle for the Autumn & Winter is £333 (6 months). Three weekly walk and write sessions a month, one monthly creative planning, and feedback session one Friday month. Plus bonus lunar love journaling workshops on the full moon and new moon. Save £333! Pay in full free and get a 1:1 worth £250.

Annual season membership:

To join the Creatrix Circle for the whole year Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter is £555 (12 months) Commit to a year-long adventure walking and writing through the seasons, imagine what you could write and create in a year. Three weekly walk and write sessions a month, one monthly creative planning, and feedback session. Plus bonus lunar love journaling workshops. Save £555! Pay in full bonus 1:1 worth £250.


*The circle will not be open during the school holidays or when I am holding in person retreats (alternative dates will be offered). 

Meet Claire

Claire is a word creatrix, coach, and journalist who loves being out in nature. She loves to share her love of walking and writing with people. She truly believes you can walk your way to happiness. She often spends her weekends going on long walks or paddleboarding with her family, friends and dog Leo.


She is a regular columnist for the Female CEO magazine and writes national features for 37 Families magazines, which reach 9 million readers every year. She is on a mission to help leader, coaches, creative entrepreneurs, and change-makers ignite their creativity and share their gifts and stories with the world.