Connect with nature to create powerful, positive and lasting change to your team's wellbeing, and mental health with the Creatrix Journey

Corporate Walking and Creative Writing Experiences

Corporate Gift Experiences, Lunch & Learns, Online Courses, and Away Days to

Inspire and invigorate your team with creativity and nature.


Are you ready to try a different kind of team-building activity that will create long-lasting happiness, creativity, and healthy high-performance?

Employees who are healthy, relaxed and resilient have greater job satisfaction, are more productive and have fewer sick days. With remote and hybrid working here to stay, have you considered how to most effectively support your workforce to be healthy, high-performers?


We offer a variety of Corporate Walking and Creative Writing Experiences: 

Lunch and Learn: in-person or online lunch hours; unique workshops to invigorate your team by reconnecting them back to nature and themselves.


Walking and Creative Writing Workshops: six hours online or offline, to boost creativity and productivity amongst your staff, connecting them with nature and recharging their spirit and well-being. 


Walking and Creative Writing Away Days: Treat your staff to a much-needed half-day retreat as a unique way to show how much you value them.



The Creatrix Journey was born to help bring together nature and creativity. The combination of walking and creative writing provides an opportunity to spark creativity and to draw inspiration from fellow students and the nature surrounding you.

Run by professional writing coaches our Lunch & Learns, Online Courses and Away Days provide opportunities for hybrid teams to re-connect and get inspired.

Did you know that your creative output is boosted by 60% from the simple act of walking. Combined with nature connection and sensory writing, the courses and workshops produce remarkable results.

Unlock your team’s creativity and productivity through our powerful writing exercises and nature connection sessions. 


You can enjoy a nature connection and creativity experience online or in-person.

Get ready to:

This is for your team:

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Corporate Walking and Creative Writing Experiences

Lunch & Learn, 1 hour online, 10-15 people, £1500

Six-Week Walking and Creative Writing Online Course, £500 per person

Away Days (half a day), groups of 10, £300 per person

Email us with your requirements, we can also come up with bespoke packages to suit your business and team. Email

Meet Claire

Claire is a former journalist and ICF ACC Creativity Coach who loves being out in nature. She loves to share her love of walking and writing with people. She truly believes you can walk your way to happiness. She often spends her weekends going on long walks or paddleboarding with her family, friends and dog Leo.


She is a regular columnist for the Female CEO magazine and writes national features for 37 Families magazines, which reach 9 million readers every year. She is on a mission to help leaders, and their teams share their gifts and stories with the world.