Embracing the Power of Women’s Circles

Creating a safe haven for sharing and writing our stories in women’s circles. Women and men have been sitting in circles for thousands of years, sharing knowledge and connecting with each other. These circles fulfill an innate need for human connection, especially for women going through significant life changes. There is a reason why there is […]

The Universe Always Delivers…

what is the awaken the creatrix retreat like?

This blog was written by one of the guests on the Awaken the Creatrix Retreat Wendy Harbour, who was adamant she wasn’t a writer. This beautiful piece of writing just proves that with the right support, encouragement, and environment we can all write. Thank you for your words of wisdom Wendy. What is the Awaken […]

The Ultimate Guide to Doing Mindful Walks for Your Health and Mind

Over the past couple of years, the world has seen unprecedented change, and altered our perspective on life. Our lives have had to be changed due to the various situations we were in, and while change can be good, it can also put a lot more pressure and stress on us. A lot of people […]