21-Day Walking and Writing Experience

Come and join and join us for this uplifting and energising 21-day walking
and writing experience from 27 June – 17 July so that you can share your words and wisdom with the world.

You know that the world needs to hear your powerful message and read your words of wisdom.

You promised yourself you’d write every day but life got in the way.

So buckle up baby we are going to walk and write until that shiz gets done!

Activate your inner creatrix by connecting with nature and write the words that need to be written in our 21-day experience.

Develop a healthy walking and writing routine that you can take into the summer, don’t wait till September to write the words that need to be written. We are already half way through the year. Imagine how much happier you would feel walking and writing every day – you could write 21,000 words or more in 21 days!

It takes 21 days to shape a habit so come and join us for just £21 for 21 days.

We will:

  • Set your writing and walking intentions (you decide how long you walk for and how many words or how much time you want to write for).
  • Be accountable and post in daily in the group about your writing progress.
  • Post daily pictures of your walks in the group.
  • Get daily tips and creative ideas.
  • Celebrate your progress with the group.

Upgrade to VIP and get access to an exclusive group call each week during the 21 days with Claire Winter, founder of the Creatrix Journey.

In each call you’ll be able to ask Claire all your writing questions and get extra support with content creation or book writing.

Each call will be recorded so you can access them at any time afterward too.

Get VIP access for only £97 including access to the experience.

“I wrote a couple of blogs and content for my website after my walk and write sessions and I could see a real difference in my writing. It was much more descriptive and had a lot more passion in it, and the best bit was I really enjoyed writing it! It was great to be inspired by nature and by Claire.”

Your Story MATTERS

By taking time out in nature and tapping into our creativity, we find time to connect with what really matters to us, our clients and the wider world.

The way we do business is evolving.

The way we communicate is changing.

The old ways aren’t working anymore.

Be part of the new way, connect to your soul’s truth and share it with the world.

The world needs your words and wisdom now, are you ready to share it?



Pleased to meet you, I’m Claire Winter, the founder of the Creatrix Journey

As a journalist and wordsmith, words, books, and stories have always mattered to me..

Walking changed my life, and I believe you can walk your way to happiness.

If you combine walking and writing, it allows you to tap into your creative flow and can make you more productive too.

There is also a scientific reason why so many poets and authors love to walk; a study by Stanford University has shown that it can boost your creativity by 60%!

I’ve also spent many years as a journalist telling other people’s stories, and now I love getting women to connect back to nature and themselves to share their powerful stories and innate wisdom with the world.

The world needs to hear your words and wisdom.

Are you ready to come and walk and write with us?



Most frequently asked questions and answers

Once you join the Facebook group you will commit to how long you will write and walk for every day. The goal is 20 minutes of walking and 20 minutes of writing. Each day you will be emailed a prompt, which will be posted in the Facebook group. There will be a prize for the most engaged member of the group.

Daily writing prompts via email and the Facebook group. Amazing accountability. Weekly Q&A thread. VIP option includes  3 group coaching calls with  Claire Winter, which will be recorded and sent to you.

If you cancel the course booking within 14 calendar days of receiving your order confirmation and before the start of the course without giving any reason, you are entitled to a full refund of the price paid.

Cancellations and refunds in circumstances outside those described above, and/or following the expiry of the 14-day cancellation period, are subject to the terms and conditions set out in this Cancellation and Refund policy. For the avoidance of doubt, the cancellation period will expire 14 days after the date of the Order Confirmation.

We will make the reimbursement using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction unless you have expressly agreed otherwise. In any event, you will not incur any fees as a result of this reimbursement.

If you start to use our services during the cancellation period (i.e. if the course commences during the 14-day cancellation period) and/or if you access the course materials via our online course spaces (i.e. via our virtual learning environment), no refund will be payable.

We start on Monday June 27 2022 and finish on July the 17th

The group size isn’t limited for the experience, the VIP calls will be limited to 10 people.

Not a problem, you are in the perfect expereince. The more you write the better you get!

You are in the right place, the experienice will help you develop a healthy walkinig and writing habit into the summer, so you get your book written or content creation done!